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Thierry Labriet

Telecom-IS project manager
  -  14 year experience

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I have been involved within the following companies in the last years:

Orange Switzerland (www.orange.ch)
  2 years in MIS and 3 years in PMS department in TS division.
        Technical Solutions is the IS/IT division of Orange. It groups together Network Solutions (Core 2G & 3G networks), Customer Solutions (mediation, billing, accounting) and Mobile Internet Solutions (web and wap presence), and now PMS (Project Management Services).
        MIS department is in charge of the web and wap portals. MIS handles the development of internet services and leads the path to 3G products & services..
        MIS acts as an integrator of 3rd party solutions by building the IP framework for new technologies (Jabber, Palm, PcketPC, ...) and for internet services (identification, authorization, security, anonysmousness, non-repudiation, payment, self-care,...).
        PMS department provides project management expertise to the organization.
        PMS Billing, BI and ERP group is focusing on the billing, datawarehouse and ERP activities.
  Project management of billing portfolio
        Prepaid SMS unlimited: The new prepaid architecture enabling data and 3G real time charging capabilities with new charging capabilities.
        Project team of more than 40 persons plus external partners from the major consulting firms. This team worked in a complex and changing environment and under an important time pressure.
        With a budget of 2.3 mCHF and a very high visibility, this project required strong communications skills and important risk management activities.
  Life services project manager (MMS, IM, E*mail, Habbo), kCHF 950.
        MMS on web/wap (Legacy support, content galleries, MMS composer).
        Instant Messaging. Integration with existing life services and billing modes.
        Habbo (www.habbohotel.ch), the chat product of Orange in CH and UK.
        Enhancement of mail services (POP3 retrieval, syncs, notifications, PAB).
        Location based services (routing, directory, localization).
   Event based billing project manager, kCHF 1,200.
  Micropayments for 3rd parties project manager, kCHF 2,300
        Major 3G billing block and enabling technology integrating services of 3rd parties.
        Mechanisms of identification, authentification and online payments coming from core network integration and functions non-repudiation, single sign-on and anonymousness coming from the IP world.
        Includes a PRM (Partner Relationship Management) system for content validation flow, electronic contract agreement flow, price definition, settlement and dispute management.
TIW/Cesky Mobil in Czech Republic (www.oskarmobil.cz)
   Fast track implementation of 3 months from license award to technical launch.
  Senior consultant
        License requirement analysis during negotiations with Czech Government.
        Solution provider selection (CRM, CCBS, CMS)
        Systems integrator RFP evaluation.
        IS team organization
  Senior business analyst
        Software suppliers and integrator management.
        Implementation follow-up.
        Contact of marketing and financial business analysts.
  Mobile Commerce & E*Business projects manager
  Internal & external resources management
        Key skills requirement identification.
        Candidate interviews.
        Team organization.
        Roles & responsibilities definition.
        Accomplishments evaluation.
        External partners integration.
  Project management
        Business case participation.
        User requirements definition.
        Internal promotion (exhibitions,...).
        Contract and budget forecasts.
        Scheduling and milestones identification.
        Project follow-up.
        Third party synchronizations.
        Project validation points..
        Post-launch project analysis.
        Project documentation.
  Technical architect.
        Transaction based core system.
        Financial clearinghouse backbone.
        Interface specifications (SMS, wap).
        SimToolkit application definition.
        Self-monitoring system (alarms, traps).
  In-depth functional knowledge.
        Product & service def. (Pre&Post-paid payments, provisioning, E*Purse).
        Business process establishment.
        Study of security issues (TDes, Pki).
        Cash management system.
        Datawarehouse and reporting tool implementation.
TIW/Telet in Brazil (www.telet.com.br)
  Prepaid project team leader
        Team management.
        Deliverable and resource evaluations.
        Project control.
  Senior business analyst
        Finance and A/R requirements analysis.
        Billing system configuration (Amdocs).
        Bank interfaces set up.


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